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To be the most customer centric and trusted “one stop shop” in the supply chain management domain


To be a cost-effective and efficient supply chain management solution provider to its customers through innovative technology and responsiveness

Elatech Intralogistics Solutions Private Limited is an supply chain management (SCM) start-up dedicated to provide efficient intralogistics and technology solutions to customers. Intralogistics is the art of optimizing, integrating, automating, and managing the logistical flow of information and material goods in and out of a warehouse. Established in early 2021, Elatech has the expertise and experience in providing great insight into customer pain points and a unique perspective in providing future-ready solutions.

Elatech strives to be a key player in India’s growing intralogistics ecosystem. To live up to its motto of efficient intralogistics solutions and its vision of providing high-quality, cost-effective, and efficient intralogistics solutions to its customers Elatech has partnered with the pioneer and the biggest brand in intralogistics ecosystem, Godrej.

We are the authorised dealers for Godrej Storage Solutions Group and offer the following products and services

Palletised Load

Selective Pallet racking, Drive-in Pallet racking, Shuttle racking, Cantilever system, Double deep racking solutions and Mobile racking systems.

Non Palletised Load

Heavy-duty shelving, Bolt-free shelving, MobiStack, Long-span shelving, Bin flow, Mezzanine, Two-tier mobile shelving.

Material Movement Solutions

Conveying solutions for loading, unloading, lateral movement, vertical movement, sorting, and diverting requirements.

Shop floor solutions

Shopfloor cabinets, workstations (workbench), shopfloor trolley and special on the wheel solutions.

Pallets and Bins

Industrial pallets, bins and containers.

Godrej Storage Solutions has designed and built over 40,000 warehouses and distribution centres across three continents. As pioneer and market leader with over six decades in the field of intralogistics, Godrej Storage Solutions cater to storage, movement and management needs of warehouses and shopfloors in India and international markets. During the past two decades, Godrej Storage Solutions has created a storage footprint of over 200 million square feet. Its global network, as well as expertise in world-class design, precision manufacturing, robust project management, distribution, and after-sales support, makes Godrej Storage Solutions the partner of choice for several leading companies globally.